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It's in the mountain air, warm sunshine, cool waves, and skinny dipping in natural products that soothe the body while sparing the lake.


No parabens, no petroleum products like mineral oil or petroleum jelly. Even the packaging is as lake-friendly and reusable as possible. Each item is hand crafted in Canada in small batches by the Lake Maiden herself.


When it comes to ingredients, there's no need for the nasties; nature provides everything we need. She uses only naturally softening and moisture-locking plant ingredients, pure and unadulterated. Nutrient-rich plant oils, celebrated botanicals, and soothing beeswax are what go into these carefully infused blends. And for you: soft and well-nourished skin.


Our Story

It all began with a lake, a maiden, and some sensitive skin....

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Lake lovers, let softness be your power.

The Lake Maiden is Angie Marchinkow, a visual artist and  former birth doula, forever passionate about highlighting life’s beauty, and being all-in.


She was raised in nature, in the cool waters of a Canadian lake. From childhood she suffered skin allergies and sensitivities, and later in life found herself frustrated with reactions to even the most popular cosmetics that claimed to be natural.


While traveling she found places that demanded “reef safe” sunscreen to be worn while swimming in their waters, to prevent damaging their delicate ecosystems. This widened her eyes to just how many products are currently harming our waters, and our bodies.


If she were to write an autobiography, it would read the words “it was the lake that saved me and showed me what I am capable of.” An avid adventurer and paddle boarder, her lifetime outdoors deeply influenced her search for cleaner, more earth-friendly ingredients to put on her skin.


After diving into research on skin science, cosmetic ingredients, and skin-nourishing botanicals, she got to the kitchen and started experimenting with her own lotion making and balm blends. Her skin was calmed and relieved.

She started using her balm on her lips, face, and hands, and then any extra dry areas like her knees and elbows. She noticed an instant difference in the texture of her skin. She then slathered it onto her cheeks before snowboarding, at the beach to hydrate her skin and remove makeup after swimming, and as a non-greasy, finger-licking-safe moisturizer on her dry hands while she cooked dinner. It was a life saver during times of continuous hand washing for work.

Infusion process
Lake Maiden Skincare - Angie Marchinkow


Consciously selected, carefully infused, hand poured.

For her signature body oil and balm, a blend of carefully selected botanicals are combined, and drenched in a mixture of plant oils for a slow infusion process over several weeks, then gently warmed. This transfer allows every drop of oil to be infused with powerful anti-inflammatory, astringent properties from the botanicals, that nourish and calm the skin.

Once the infusion process is complete, it is strained multiple times before bottling. The botanical infused oil is blended with beeswax to create a silky, smooth balm that is quite literally a salve for the body and soul. 

The packaging is important too- the body oils are bottled in dark amber glass to protect it from destructive UV rays that could break down its nutrients and healing properties. The balms are poured into twist-top, well sealing tins. Every container is easily washable and reusable, so it can serve more than one purpose and last years before it needs recycling.

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You aren't in nature, you are nature.

After a decade of experience infusing and mixing lotions, balms, and body oils for herself, the Lake Maiden naturally started supplying her friends with their own. It made its way into the hands of people who collected high end skincare, rock climbers, bearded men, keepers of curly hair, sufferers of eczema and psoriasis, lip balm fanatics, guitarists, tradespeople, surfers, and parents of babies with cradle cap. All reported five-star reviews.

These products and this company is truly born of wanting to get out there and seeing how far you can go. Trying. Challenging yourself. Improving. Floating. Resting. Being. Being scared and going for it when you're only 70% ready. Savouring.


Being in nature and realising that, you are, in fact, nature.

The Lake Maiden invites you to care for your body while you care for the earth, the people around you, and how you experience your surroundings.

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